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Here is a selection of the most standard accessories in our program and their specific characteristics. Should you not find what you need, please do not hesitate to contact us for possibilities, there are many more options and accessories available.

Guide ropes or tracking guides and V-guides and strips are used for keeping the conveyor belt in position. (after proper adjustment of the belt) * below V-guides can also be used as so-called spill edges and also as flights/cleats.

Guide ropes

  • Sorteerband
  • Sorteerband
  • Transportband
  • Sorteerband lengtesnaren

Tracking strips

  • Transportband
  • Rand transportband

Fligths or cleats are available in different materials and with different options.

Material : Fabric reinforced PVC / PU, full PVC or PU (slim).

Flights or cleats can be manufactured with certain profiles, for example a diamond or triangle profile to prevent the product from sticking to the cleats.

Flights or cleats can be fitted straight (90°) or angle 60° or kinked. This depending on the inclination angle of the conveyor, the amount and type of product.


  • Transportband
  • Knikmeenemers
  • Transportband met meenemers
  • Transportband op rol met meenemers
  • Gaasband met meenemers
  • Meenemers
  • Paprikaband
  • Snoepopvoerband
  • Transportband
  • transportbanden

Legenda meenemers ENG

Side Walls

  • Goldranden machine
  • Volta belting
  • Volta Superdrive
  • Goldranden
  • Golfranden groen