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R70D Belt bend conveyor

As mentioned with the Techmaveyor belt bend conveyors we have 2 types: R50D and R70D
These can be used universally as a component of internal transportation for the so-called light industry.
Belt bend conveyors are used where the layout allows for a better logistics technical development of the internal transport or integration of machinery and systems in the space available.
For a detailed description, technical specifications and available dimensions for the R70D click this link:

Product sheet R70D ENG

  • Knelpunten Techmaveyor CE R50D
  • R70D bloemenlijn
  • R70D Bochtbandtransporteur Bloemenlijn
  • Techmaveyor Bochtband-transporteurs
  • GT-afdichting
  • R50D RVS wielen
  • Rondband

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