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Non-Food belting

Auto-tec also provides conveyor belts for various industrial applications and for the agricultural and horticulture sectors for many years .

For us important to have the right conveyor belts in our range of high product quality and market-specific characteristics which are constantly updated. We use a wide range of materials to meet the highest industry requirements in the transport of light, heavy and delicate products.

For the agricultural industry, there are many different cleats capabilities of the heavier grubbing work to sorting and packaging the product. For example, many cabbage growers also pack or seal the cabbage. And some already have their own (pre)washing installation. This also makes it more and more common to combine non-food belts and food belts together.

Auto-tec also has many years of experience with …. how could it be otherwise in our region …. the famous cabbage crop belts. For the many delicate products such as tomatoes, peppers, cabbage we have several solutions to bring the risk of damage during transport or processing to an absolute minimum.

The flower sector is also very well known to us as in the first few years we got the trust of a for the Netherlands fairly large producer of flower bulbs processing machines. The first growth, we have gone through with the manufacture of the multiple belts for the bulb processing (e.g. sorting belts) and flowers processing (eg. flower packaging).

For the printer industry, we also provide a lot of power transmission belts, typically because of the strength, virtually no elongation and very stiff for (e.g.  cross tables) to transport paper and cardboard without any hassle.

De distribution companies ask for a combination of properties. Surfaces with good grip to take the right product at just the point where it used to be, and smooth to the point where buffering takes place but the product is not damaged. Belts suitable for high speed and with a so-called whisper fabric on the bottom side so that the belts do not have extra sound on the slider plates on top of the often already present noise of the machines, and that makes it a bit more comfortable for the people employed in this production area.

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