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Techmaveyor belt bend conveyors

Techmaveyor delivers two types of belt bend conveyors ((also known as belt curve or corner belt)), the R50D and R70D which can be universally used as a component of internal transportation for the so-called light industry. Belt bend conveyors are used where the layout allows for a better logistics technical development of the internal transport or integration of machinery and systems in the space available.

Transport on a curved belt conveyor has an important advantage that the products remain in the original and undisturbed production order, which is usually a prerequisite for the automated processing or packaging.

The difference between the R50D and R70D is: The R50D is used for the light weight applications with a smaller range in size and the R70D can run light to medium weight applications and also has a bigger range in radius and belt width.

The belt bend conveyor is used for:

  • Internal transport of products.
  • Maximum load 35 tot 50 kg, depending on the type of belt bend conveyor.
  • Angles vary from 30° to 180º.
  • Several options as product guidance and specific solutions.

General characteristics:

  • Solid, compact construction for various applications.
  • High quality parts. For example Ina bearings, SEW drives and….the curved belts and roll covering from our own production!
  • Steel frame work treated with powdercoating in desired RAL colour or in Stainless Steel, frame work AISI304.
  • Reliable operating and a competitive price/quality.
  • Reduced maintenance costs and most spare parts on stock with fast delivery.
  • Low noise: < 70 dB (can be slightly higher with increased speed)
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