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Volta Belting

In mid-2013, we have also partnered with Volta Belting and have this full range of plastic conveyor belts added to our delivery program.


Typically, the homogeneous structure of these belts (no fabrics) do very well in food environments. The belts are characterized also by the Super Drive and Dual Drive versions with at the bottom a positive profile in combination of the sprockets for the drive and ensures that no belt slipping can occur. Also, these belts can also run with very low tension what protects the bearings in the machines. Also, customers can quite easily convert the excisting modular belts into a Super- / Dual Drive version which better meet the stricter hygien demands and rules these days.

But also to the bottom / top flat or smooth versions and their accessories apply to these demands.
Our people have had extensive training at Volta and so we are able to tailor these belts in our workshop ourself, endless welding and fitting various accessories like:

  • Guide ropes
  • Spil edges
  • Cleats
  • Side walls etc.

The assembly and endless welding of the various Volta belts on the conveyor on site are amongst the standard possibilities.
For extensive documentation and the various applications for various industries, please refer to:
Volta brochures or contact the sales departement of Auto-tec.

  • Volta Transportbanden
  • Volta Transportbanden
  • Volta Transportbanden Dual Drive SP
  • Volta Superdrive 2
  • Volta Dual Drive
  • Volta Superdrive
  • Transportband met meenemers
  • Meeneemband
  • Auto Tec meeneemband
  • Volta gatenband