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Food belting

Auto-tec operates mostly and for many years in the food industry.

This market is going through alot of developments in recent years in terms of hygiene. The requirements in this become increasingly more strict.

For cause to have the right conveyor belts in our range with a high product and market specific hygiene features, which constantly need to be up dated. Therefore we use a wide range of materials, which the meets these requirements of the industry in the transport of both bulk and packaged foodstuffs. All our “Food” belts have the necessary certificates for the transport of unpacked food.

Daar where hygiene is paramount and scrims are not desirable, we can provide the belts with closed sides. This is to prevent bacterial growth and fraying of the belt edges.

Furthermore we als supply conveyor belts which are fully homogeneous structure consisting of polyester or polyurethane. This is the Volta Belting program which is explained further here.

For the food industry we just choose which belts are perfect for your product(ion) and situation from our high-quality basic materials suppliers. For use at both low and high temperatures, excellent resistance to oil and grease, and with very good release properties, etc. to include the following market segments:

  • Vegetables and fruit processors
  • Sweets
  • Meat, fish and poultry
  • Bakeries (Bread-biscuits)
  • Cheese / Dairy products
  • Agriculture
  • Transportband
  • Meenemers
  • Zijden
  • Volta belting
  • Volta Superdrive
  • Volta Transportbanden
  • Sorteerband
  • Volta gatenband
  • Conveyors Food