New heating presses for jobs on location!

It took a while but now they are operational …. the new heating presses for use on location.

Auto-tec has 3 new super modern Vortex heat presses. Purchased in three different sizes. These presses are air-cooled, are automaticly pressured, and temperature and time is set digitally. As a result, the conventional water tank and pressure pump is unnecessary, and they are more accurate in terms of pressure and temperature settings.

This gives the advantage that it is more pleasant to work for the mechanic by reducing things that are needed to be taken to the location and the presses are easier to work with. And the advantage for the customer because these presses are faster with heating and cooling. This makes a difference of ± 20 minutes per conveyor belt in mounting time (depending on the size of the press), and thus assembly costs. Also with a breakdown, where every minute counts, the downtime will be much shorter.

An advantage for us, but especially for our customers!

Vortex heat presses Vortex heat pressAuto-tec heat presses

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